This is an exercise to help give you some insight on what your spiritual gift(s) might be. It is a combination of tests produced by First Baptist Church, Houts Inventory of Spiritual Gifts, Networking, Team Ministry, Trenton Spiritual Gifts Analysis, Wagner-Modified Houts Questionnaire and Wesley Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire and further modified by the pastoral staff of First Baptist Church of Modesto, California.

Here is how to complete it:

STEP I: Read through the list of 90 statements in the questionnaire. For each
one, mark to what extent the statement is true of your life: ALMOST

STEP II: When you are finished, we will score the questionnaire by means of the
Spiritual Gifts Chart.

STEP III: After filling in your scores on the chart, we will ask for your information so that we can contact you in regards to your spiritual gifts so that we can help you better understand the meanings behind them.

Note: This questionnaire is just a starting place in helping you discover the spiritual gift(s) God has given you. Do not make the mistake of considering the results to be final and irrefutable. It may even be that a gift you actually have does not show strongly here. Use this tool as a helpful source of insight, but don't let its results control you.